Antiquarian Book School Foundation

Founded in 2007, the Antiquarian Book School Foundation, a Minnesota corporation, is an independent, non-profit, and tax-exempt institution, and is operated exclusively for educational purposes, without monetary gain or profit to its directors or officers. The Foundation incorporates the Out-of-Print and Antiquarian Book Market Seminar founded in 1978, later known as the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar. The Foundation supports, promotes and promulgates interest in and appreciation of all aspects of antiquarian, used, and out-of-print books and other printed materials, as well as the antiquarian book trade, together with its attendant media, including electronic resources, and on-line databases. This Foundation seeks to expand the knowledge of the culture of books, printing, book illustration, bookbinding, publishing, and book collecting to a broad base of book professionals, including booksellers, teachers, librarians, collectors, and those of the general public looking to be so informed. The Foundation and the Antiquarian Book Seminar promote professional and ethical standards in the antiquarian, used, and out-of-print book trade, and abide by its established usages and customs. The Foundation also cooperates with other non-profit organizations which serve similar aims and purposes.